Fleuriste Mariage. Achat Pétale

Au Gré du Vent, your floral partner for the most beautiful day of your life !

Our creations are fine and unique and meet your expectations but most of all respect your personality. Contact us for an appointment and quotation.

We have experience in common or prestigious locations

Le Château de Petit Leez • La Ferme aux Chiens • La Ferme de Mehaignoul • Le Château de Feluy • La Ferme de l’Escaille • La Ferme de Corroy le Grand • La Ferme Smette • Le Val Fayt • Le Château de Wanfercée Baulet • La Ferme de la Pitance • L’Abbaye de Moulins • Les Jardins de la Molignée • La Ferme de Gaiffier • Le Clos St Michel d’Upigny • La Ferme d’Upignac • Le Château Bayard à Dhuy • La Distillerie de Biercée • Le Château d’Avin • Le Château de Franc Waret • La Ferme de la Hagoulle • La ferme du Grand Spinois , Le Château de Resteigne, …

Do not buy anything ! We have a solution … Possibility of renting vases, plants and decorations.
Everything is possible whatever your budget !
Would you like rose petals for the church, the tables, the party or for your wedding night ? Rose petals are simply magic ! Unique in Belgium !

How do we proceed

We are really honored to meet the couple and discuss to propose floral arrangements which will best meet their expectations and personality. It is a real exchange between us in order that the quotation is precise and adapted to their wishes but also to their needs.
We have more than 1000 photos that we share with them to feel exactly what they like or not like.
When the decision is taken to believe in us, we organize as much meetings as they want to confirm the details. If necessary, we organize a visit of the location where the wedding will take place. It is important for us to propose the right floral arrangement at the right place. We deliver and arrange the floral decorations (free service according to some special conditions) and little gifts are always an appreciated bonus for the couple. We rent vases, decorations and plants to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Our facebook page contains some comments from couples who trusted us and did not regret it. Do not hesitate to contact them if you like. Some photos are also regularly posted on the page.