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Optimal preservation conditions

Tips for longlasting bouquets.

  • Change water regularly (every 2-3 days).
  • Cut the stems slantwise with a keen knife.

Ideally, cut under water to avoid air bubbles.

  • Add one drop of bleach water in your vase can prevent  from  bacteria.
  • If the bouquet is provided with a water recipient, do not forget to change water after 2 or 3 days.  Or choose to put it in another  vase instead. Add some new fresh water.
  • Always use a clean vase.
  • Put your bouquet in an appropriate place.
    Pay attention to the temperature variations. Do not place your bouquet next to direct warmth like radiators, cooking hob, computer,…).  Take it away from direct sun , from cold air flow, from freeze.  Never let a bouquet in your car when it is freezing.
    Avoid fruits close to your bouquet because the released gas is harmful for flowers.

Conservation products are efficient but not essentials  if you respect our tips above.

What to do if roses are not feeling well ?

Cut their stems (min. 2 cms) with a keen knife.  Put them in a great volume of lukewarm water. 
2 hours later, place them in their vase again.  They should feel better !

What about the tulips ?

Tulips do not need a lot of water (5 to 8 cms max in the vase).
Cut their stems slantwise under water to avoid air bubbles. If you want them to stay straight in the vase,  sting horizontally under the flower with a pin and take it back immediately after operation.
If they are too soft, pack them in wet newspaper (use lukewarm water) for 2 hours and them put them back in their vase

As well as buttercups and wind flowers, tulips are still growing after being cut.  So don’t be afraid. 

How to do with gerberas/germinis ?

Gerberas or germinis only need few water (max. 5 cms). If you put too much water in their vase, stems begin to soften and the flowers will not survive a long time.

What about lilies  ?

If the florist does not remove pollen, be careful with the possible spots on your clothes.  You can take them off by using a dry paper towel or a dry sponge.  Never use water.  It will damage your clothes forever.